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This post was written 2021-10-27

repl.it awk

I’ve recently started looking into repl.it for interactive code demos, which could be embedded into a documentation site.

What would be a good demo of this functionality?

Well, what if I used it to show how some of my awk examples from my last post?

awk repl is a bash repl

This demo will use a bash repl, not an awk-specific one. Once we’re in bash, we can use awk freely, however, as it’s part of the suite of core utilities expected under POSIX.

the source for the embed

How is it embedded in this site? repl.it documents use of an iframe.

Like so:

<iframe frameborder="0" width="100%" height="500px" src="https://replit.com/@sirosen/awk-demo?embed=true"></iframe>

the repl